Images from our last concert at the Dougherty Dance Theatre on the UO campus, November 2014. Photo credits Michael Brinkerhoff.
MBP_6915 MBP_6864 MBP_6740 MBP_6715 MBP_6702 MBP_6694 MBP_6402 MBP_6307 MBP_6237 MBP_6199 MBP_6130 MBP_6094 MBP_6084 MBP_6075 MBP_6072 MBP_6050 MBP_6039 MBP_6022 MBP_5967 MBP_5946 MBP_6988 MBP_7003 MBP_7041 MBP_7057 MBP_7061 MBP_7111 MBP_7163 MBP_7292 MBP_7421 MBP_7481 MBP_7563