D.i.D. #8 did it again!

The program created a inspiring atmosphere for dance. Opening with a supportive duet danced between Anna Miller and Lateef Woods, we witnessed moment-to-moment negotiations, trust, strength and listening. These two embodied a spirit of generosity that extended to one another and to the surrounding audience.
Bethany Drohmann then literally shared a part of her creative process in “Duet Reprocessed,” which was a duet that became a last minute solo cleverly reconstructed to involve the audience. Bethany  talked us through the ways that her movement was inspired by the movements of her young toddler in order to generate various phrases of material that,  through a game involving the audience, structured a spontaneous solo.
Sarah Ginther and Aubrianne Anderson danced an athletic duet that involved supportive lifting, dynamic floor work, and sharp gestures danced to “Let the Waters” ft. Israel Houghton by The Liturgists. Their dance made me consider “worship” coming from a whole new guttural place.
The program closed with “Yes.Yes.Yes.”, (one of the best titles for a dance piece ever), presented by Button Will. Button flawlessly spoke lines from Andrea Gibson’s poem “Say Yes,” while dancing with such clarity, sensitivity, sensuality and fierceness that I was absolutely immersed in every moment with him, even though I was operating the video camera.
Again, the evening was an intimate one. I have to give a shout out to those community members who take time to regularly come to Dance in Dialogue and have participated as both presenters and audience members. The community that takes time out of all of their busy schedules to meet in the generous spirit of  support for artists in the vulnerable process of  making new work, sharing pieces of themselves, risking trying something new,  never ceases to inspire me and affirms the value of Dance in Dialogue. Thank you!

This article was written by danceindialogue.